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Welcome to my physics home page

My research interests are in group theoretical methods  applied to problems in relativity and quantum mechanics

I hope that you are enjoying your summer vacation.

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Check out the talk on: Maximal quantum mechanical symmetry: Projective representations of the inhomgoneous symplectic group. A short version of this will be presented at ICGTMP30 in Ghent in July.

J. Math. Phys. 55 022105 (2014) paper (arXiv)

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July 2014: 30th International Colloquim on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics is in Ghent, Belgium July 14-18. Registration is open.

Feb 2014: Maximal quantum mechanical symmetry: Projective representations of the inhomogeneous symplectic group published in J.Math. Phys. 55 022105 (2014). (arXiv).

Aug 2012: International Congress on Mathematical Physics (ICMP12) is Aug 6-11 in Aalborg, Denmark.

Nov 2011: "Projective Representations of the Inhomogeneous Hamilton Group: Noninertial Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics" has been published in the Annals of Physics  (arXiv)

Projective Representations of the Hamilton Group: Noninertial quantum mechanics

QTS7 Talk

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Relativity Implications of the Quantum Phase

QTS6 Talk


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Null Surfaces